Clerk's Staff - (501)918-5500

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Name Title Telephone # Digits E-Mail
Eckl, Debby Financial Specialist 501-918-5512 spacer
Gomlicker, Charlotte Space & Resources Manager 501-918-5513 spacer
Johnson, Rob Case Administrator 501-918-5528 48-55
Johnson, LaTrese Case Administrator 501-918-5531 32-39
Jones, Michelle Case Administrator 501-918-5529 24-31
McCormack, Linda Chief Deputy Clerk 501-918-5509 spacer
McDaniel, Lisa Case Administrator 501-918-5525 16-23
Mobley, Ashley Case Administrator 501-918-5536 08-15
Morehead, DeeDee Financial Manager 501-918-5510 spacer
Ortega, Jason Network Administrator 501-918-5563 spacer
Pennington, Tammi Personnel Specialist 501-918-5504 spacer
Penrod, Arch Case Administrator 501-918-5541 00-07
Richmond, Mark Systems Administrator 501-918-5562 spacer
Robinson, Annette Case Administrator 501-918-5535 40-47
Rolfs, Jean Clerk of Court 501-918-5500 spacer
Waldroff, Karen Automation Manager 501-918-5560 spacer
Wilkins, Tanya Case Administrator 501-918-5537 56-64

Judges' Staff

Judge Richard D. Taylor

Name Title Telephone # E-Mail
Albritton, Allison Staff Attorney 501-918-5623
Emerson, Lindsey Staff Attorney 501-918-5624
Scales, Erika Courtroom Deputy 501-918-5622
spacerspacer spacer spacer

Judge Phyllis M. Jones

Blissard, Mardi Staff Attorney 501-918-5643
Westbrook, Laura Staff Attorney 501-918-5644
Mansfield, Mary Beth Courtroom Deputy/Judicial Assistant 501-918-5640