Request for SSN Modification


This event should be used for modification/amendment of a social security number ONLY.  Statements of Social Security Number (Form B21) are not to be
filed with the Court upon case opening.  B21 forms are only to be submitted to the court, via email, if there is a modification/amendment to the social security number. 
Please see General Order 24 for further instructions on attorney retention of the B21.  If amending a B21, please find instructions below.

Step 1.     Select Bankruptcy.

Step 2.     Select Miscellaneous from the Pleading category.

Step 3.     Enter your case number.  Click Next.  Note: Ensure that the correct case name and the number match the document you are filing.

Step 4.     Select the party on whose behalf you are filing. If the party is not listed, create the party by clicking the Add/Create Party link.  Click Next.

Step 5.     Select Request for SSN Modification.  Click Next.

Step 6.     View case information.  Click Next.

Step 7.     View case administrator follow up date.  Click Next.

Step 8.     Browse, verify and attach the document (PDF file).  Click the “Yes” radio button next to attachments to documents if uploading attachment(s).
                Click Next.  If there are no attachments, skip to Step 10.

Step 9.     Attach supporting documents, if applicable.

Step 10.   View pleading title in the docket text box (if differs from docket text). Click Next.

Step 11.   Confirm data on final docket text screen.  Submitting this screen commits the transaction .  You will have no further opportunity to modify
                 the submission if you continue.  Click Next.