Fee FYI's/Tips


1.     Docket Review:  Please review the docket before paying a fee with the Acknowledgment of Fee Due event in order to avoid duplicate charges.

2.     Duplicate Payments/Payments Made in Error:  Duplicate payments or payments made in error must be addressed by a pleading submitted
        to the court for consideration of refund.

3.     Amended Schedule Fees: An amended schedule fee is assessed for the addition or removal of a creditor or a change in the amount or classification of a debt.
        If you believe you were assessed this fee in error, please contact the ECF Help Desk at (501) 918-5590.  

4.     Applications to Proceed in Forma Pauperis:  Applications to Proceed In Forma Pauperis should be filed on the same day as case opening.  The filing fee may not be
        removed until an order is entered approving the application.  Delay in filing the application may result in the attorney being locked out  (unable to file other pleadings)
        of ECF. 

5.     Applications to Pay in Installments:  Applications to Pay in Installments should be filed on the same day as case opening.  Change the fee field to 0.0 when filing
        this application.  A filing fee should not be entered when docketing the petition.  If a fee is entered, the filing fee will not be removed until an order is entered.

6.     Improperly Assessed Fees:  If you believe you have made a proper payment on a case but ECF still shows an outstanding balance due or that you were
        improperly assessed a fee, please contact the Financial Department at (501) 918-5512 so they may review the charge.     

7.     Lock Out for Non Payment of Fees:  ECF will automatically lock out a user who has not paid filing fees within 72 hours of the filing.  If a user is locked out,
        the user will be able to log in to the ECF system but will not be able to view the filing menu options under the Bankruptcy and Adversary tabs.  In order to unlock
        the user, payment will need to be made under Utilities > Internet Payments Due.  Once payment is made, the system will unlock the user.