Creditor List Requirements


Creditor lists must be submitted in ASCII file format with an appropriate text extension (.TXT) and shall be uploaded on the ECF system via the Creditor Maintenance link at the time of case filing. Instructions for creating a .TXT file are on the Court’s Internet site, here.  If additional creditors need to be added, they should be uploaded directly through the ECF system as well. NOTE:  When docketing additional creditors, DO NOT resubmit the original creditor list a second time but upload new creditor(s) only.  Additional creditors may be uploaded under Creditor Maintenance or under the Amended Petition, Schs, Stmts or Creditors event IF docketing an amended schedule D, E or F.

The creditor list, also called a matrix, should meet the following specifications:

  1. Creditor names and addresses must be five (5) lines or fewer;
  2. Each line may contain no more than 40 characters, including blanks;
  3. Names and addresses should be left justified (no leading spaces);
  4. Attention lines, if used, should appear on the second line of the address;
  5. City, state, and ZIP code must be on the last line;
  6. States must be two letter abbreviations;
  7. Hyphens must be used to separate the first five digits from the last four digits of addresses including a nine digit ZIP code;
  8. Creditors must be separated by, at least, one blank line;
  9. Case numbers, page numbers, account numbers, line numbers, headers, footers, etc. should be omitted from the list.