Adding/Creating a Party


If the party in which you are fling on behalf of does not appear in the "Select a Party" box when docketing an event, please use the following steps to add/create the party:

Step 1.     Click the Add/Create New Party link.

Step 2.     Type the last/business name of the individual or business for which you are searching. Click Search.  Note:  While searching for a business, 
                 do not use aka/dba/successor to, LLP, etc.  Search on the basic name only.                

Step 3.     View any party search results.  If the party for which you are searching appears in the box and the name and address match EXACTLY, click the
                 Select name from list button.  If the party information does not match your records EXACTLY or no party information appears, click the Create
                 new party button
to proceed. NOTE:  When adding a Debtor, DO NOT select a debtor from the list. Always create a new party! Step 4.     Creating a New Party:

                 a)  Enter the party's information on the "Party Information" screen.
                 b)  Choose the Role Type for the party you are adding. 
                 c)  Click the Corporate parent/affiliate and add any parents or affiliates of the company, if applicable.
                 d)  Click Submit.   

                 Selecting a name from the list:

                 a)  Choose the Role type for the party you are adding.  
                 b)  Click Submit.

Step 5.     Select the party on whose behalf you are filing. If the party is not listed, create the party by clicking the Add/Create Party link.  Click Next.

Step 6.     Proceed with the remainder of your filing.