Creditor Request for Notice


Step 1.     Select Bankruptcy.

Step 2.     Select the Claims Actions & Reaffirmation Agreements category.

Step 3.     Enter the case number.  Click Next.  Note:  Ensure that the case name and number match the document you are filing.

Step 4.     Select Creditor Request for Notice.  Click Next.

Step 5.     Check the box next to "Joint filing with other attorney(s)," if applicable. Click Next.

Step 6.     Enter the name of the creditor filing the notice request.  Click Next.

Step 7.     Enter the name and address of the creditor requesting notice only if the creditor is not on the creditor list.  Click Next.

Step 8.     View case information.  Click Next.

Step 9.     Confirm data on final docket text screen.  Submitting this screen commits the transaction .  You will have no further opportunity to modify
                 the submission if you continue.  Click Next.