Logging Into ECF


1.     Do I need both a PACER account and a ECF account to file electronically?
Yes.  To file documents electronically via ECF, you will need to use your Court issued login and password.  To view documents, query and run reports
        in ECF, you will need to use your PACER login and password.

2.     I have a login and password from District Court.  Can I use that to log into the Bankruptcy Court's ECF system too?
No.  Each court issues its own unique login and password for ECF.  Please see our ECF Registration Section for more details on obtaining a login. 

3.     I forgot my login and/or password and now I am locked out of the system, what should I do?
        Please contact the ECF Help Desk at (501) 918-5590 or Toll Free at (866) 497-9068.    

4.     I can log in to the system, but once I'm in I cannot see any events under Bankruptcy or Adversary.
        If you can login to ECF but do not have accessibility to docket an event, you are most likely locked out for non-payment of a fee.  To pay your fee, please see the 
        "How do I make a payment on a previously assessed charge" section for instruction.  Once payment is made, the system will unlock the user. 
        If no payment is due on your account, please contact the ECF Help Desk at (501) 918-5590 or Toll Free at (866) 497-9068.

5.     Why do I get a second login screen after I've already logged into ECF?
        This is usually the PACER login screen, which you will receive when you attempt to access a report or document.
        When you log into PACER, you may click the box that says "make this my default login" which should allow you to continue in ECF without having to log into
        PACER multiple times.  For more information on PACER, click here