Converting a Creditor Matrix to a .txt


To Save the Creditor Matrix File with a .txt Extension:

Step 1.     After creating the creditor list in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, or other text editor, open the file. Click on File in the toolbar to display the drop down list.
                (See Figure 1)

figure 1

Step 2.     Click Save As in the drop down list (See Figure 2).  If in Microsoft Word, skip to Step 4. If in WordPerfect, continue to Step 3.

figure 2


Step 3.     If in WordPerfect, click the drop down menu arrow in the File Type box (See Figure 3). Select the file type ASCII DOS Text.

figure 3

Step 4.      If in Microsoft Word, click on the drop down box arrow in the Save As Type box (See Figure 4). Select the file type of Text Files (*.txt) or Text Only (*.txt).


figure 4


Step 5.     Enter the file name in the File Name box.

Step 6.     Click the Save button.