To help expedite orders, we have set up an email account for attorneys to submit orders to each judge. The following steps will guide you through the process.  Orders
are not filed on the ECF System.

Step 1.     Create the order in either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Note: The required font is Times New Roman or Arial.

Step 2.     Print the order to PDF (portable document format), by using Adobe Acrobat Writer. 

Step 3.     Name the order and save it in a drive of your choice.

Step 4.     Type a brief email message, including your case number and a specific description of the matter in the subject line, and attach the desired order.
                 Note:  An order will be returned if it is refused and will include the reason as to why it has been rejected.

Step 5.     Email the order to the judge assigned to the case.  The email addresses for mailing orders are below:

    Judge Taylor - taylororders@areb.uscourts.gov

    Judge Barry -  barryorders@arwb.uscourts.gov

    Judge Jones - jonesorders@areb.uscourts.gov

If you encounter a problem or have further questions on filing orders, please call the ECF Help Desk at (501)-918-5590 Local or (866)-497-9068 Toll Free.