Case Flags


Case flags may be found on the upper right corner of a docket report.  

$DUE Money Due Used anytime a party, attorney or trustee to the case owes money to the Court.
707(b) Presumption of Abuse under 707 Set upon the filing of the UST's State of Presumed Abuse.
727-523OBJ Objection to the Discharge or Dischargeability of the Debtor] Set when an adversary proceeding is filed that either objections to the discharge or dischargeability of the debtor.
APPEAL APPEAL Set when a Notice of Appeal is filed.
AUDIT-NOCLOSE Audit-NoClose Set when the Auditor's Report is docketed depending on the Auditor's decision.
BARDEBTOR Barred Debtor Set when a debtor is barred from refilling a case
BothDischWV Both Debtor's Discharge Waived Set when discharge has been waived for BOTH Debtors
CLOSED Case Closed Identifies that the case is statistically closed.
CONS Consolidated Case Used to identify that the case has been consolidated with another case.
CONVERTED Case Converted Used to identify that the case has converted from one chapter to another.
CounDue Credit Counseling Due Indicates that the Credit Counseling Certification has NOT been filed. Set at case opening for every individual consumer debtor, when the Certification is filed the flag is removed.
DEFER Defer Filing Fee Set when an Application to Defer Fee is filed. Flag remains on the case until the fee is paid.
DELAY Discharge Delayed] Used for any reason that would or should delay the Discharge.
DISMISSED Case Dismissed Automatically set when an order or stipulation is entered dimissing the case.
DSCHDN Discharge Denied Debtor Set when a Discharge is denied to Debtor
DSCHDNBoth Discharge Denied Both Debtors Set when a Discharge is denied to BOTH Debtors
DSCHDNJt Discharge Denied Joint Debtor Set when a Discharge is denied to Joint Debtor
DebtEd Financial Mgt - Debtor Education Certification due Indicates that the Financial Mangement Course Certificate has NOT been filed. The flag is set at case opening for an individual consumer debtor.
DelayCl Delay Closing Used for any reason that would or should delay the closing of a case.
DirApl Direct Appeal to Circuit Court Automatically set when the Direct Appeal to Court of Appeals event is docketed.
DischWAV Dicharge Waived] Used for when the Debtor(s) has waived Discharge.
FUNDS Funds Deposited in Court Registry Automatically set when a Notice of Intent to Cure Default; an Order to Deposit Funds is docketed. Manually set anytime money is deposited with the court.
IFP IFP fee Waived Set when the Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis is granted.
INSTFeeDue Installment Fee Due Automatically set when the Order is entered granting the application to pay filing fees in installments and is removed when the final payment is docketed.
INVOLUNTARY INVOLUNTARY] Automatically set when an Involuntary case is filed.
JNTADMN Jointly Administered Set on cases that are Jointly Administered
JtDbDischWV Joint Debtor Discharge Waived Set when the discharge of a Joint Debtor is waived
LEAD Lead Case Set when a case is consolidated with another case to identify it as the LEAD case, where all the documents should be docketed.
MDSM Motion to Dismiss Filed Automatically set when any Motion to Dismiss is docketed.
MEANSNO no Form 22A does not indicate a presumption of abuse for an individual chapter 7 consumer debtor. The 341(a) notice will include language stating there is no presumption of abuse.
MEANSTMPEX Temporary exclusion from means test for reservists and national guard Set when a reservists and/or national guard member has been excluded from the means test
MEANSU unknown Form 22A has not been filed or there was no box checked on the form.The 341(a) notice will include language stating there is not enough information at this time to determine whether there is a presumption of abuse. The MEANSU flag will also be sent when the U.S. Trustee files a statement of Inability to Determine Presumed Abuse.
MEANSYES yes Form 22A indicates that there is a presumption of abuse. The 341(a) notice will include language stating that a presumption of abuse has arisen.
MEXTTM Motion to Extend Time Set automatically when a Motion to Extend/Enlarge or Shorten Time has been filed.
NSF Insufficient Fund Set if a check has been returned due to insufficient funds.
OBJDISCH Objection to Discharge (Rule 4004) Set by Motion Objectioning to Discharge (Rule 4004)
PRE-BAP Pre-BAPCPA Case entered 10/17/2005 or later, but with an original filed date prior to 10/17/2005.
PRVDISCH Previous Discharge Debtor has received a previous discharge.
PRVDISM Previous Dismissal Debtor has been previously dismissed.
REAF Reaffirmation Agreement Automatically set if no attorney declaration is filed or if the debtor(s) is pro se.
REFDC Withdrawal of Reference to District Court Automatically set when the Transmittal of Reference is filed.
REOPENED Reopened Case Set when a case has been reopened.
ReafHdShp Reaffirmation Hardship Automatically set if the reaffirmation filers states that there is a presumption of undue hardship relating to the reaffirmation agreement.
ReopenAP Reopen AP Set when a case has been reopened.
Repeat Repeat Filer Set when the debtor(s) is/are determined to be a repeat filer.
SPLITCASE Joint Case Severed Automatically set when the Order to Sever/ Split / Deconsolidate a case is entered.
SmBus Small Business Automatically set when the Debtor's Election of Small Business Designation or the utility event of Small Business Designation is docketed.
TRANSIN Case Transferred into the District Set when a case has been transferred into the District.
TRANSOUT Case Transferred Out of District Set when a case has been transferred out of the District
TaxReq Tax Return Request Automatically set when a Request for Debtor to File Tax Return or a Motion to Access Tax Documents has been filed; automatically removed when the Certificate of Service of Tax Information to Requestor has been filed.
WAIVE Filing Fee Waived Set manually anytime a filing fee has been waived.