Open Voluntary Bankruptcy Case


Step 1.     Select Bankruptcy.

Step 2.     Select Open Voluntary BK Case.

Step 3.     Select the appropriate Chapter. Select either "Yes" or "No" for Joint Petition.  Select "No" for Deficiencies. Click Next.  

Step 4.     Enter the social security number or last name of the debtor in the appropriate field.  Click Search.  Note:  Please use proper capitalization and punctuation.

                Party Search Results: 
                a)  If the debtor's name appears in the Party Search Results box, click on that name in the box.  
                b)  View the pop-up window containing the debtor's address. 
                c)  Ensure the name, SSN and address match exactly to the debtor's current name and mailing address.  If the name, SSN and address match       exactly, click the Select name from list button.  If the Party name does not appear  (No person found), or if the exact record (name, SSN, address) cannot be found, click Create New Party.

Step 5.     Enter any appropriate data into the Debtor Information screen.

Step 6.     Add any aliases and/or corporate parent/affiliate  by clicking on the Alias and/or Corporate Parent/Affiliate button. 

Step 7.     Ensure all the debtor information is correct.  Select Submit.

Step 8.     Verify the divisional office is correct based on the county entered for the debtor (if not correct, use your browser's BACK button to go back and correct the county .  Click Next.

Step 9.     Select the appropriate case data on the "Open New Bankruptcy Case" screen.  Click Next.

Step 10.   Complete the Summary of Schedules screen(s).  Click Next

Step 11.   Browse, verify and attach the document (PDF file).  Click the "Yes" radio button if uploading attachment(s).  Click Next. 
                 If there are no attachments, skip to Step 13.

Step 12.   Attach supporting documents, if applicable.  Click Next.

Step 13.   (Chapter 7 cases only) Select "Yes" or "No" to whether a presumption of abuse arises.  Click Next.

Step 14.   On the fee screen, the full filing fee amount is entered. If NOT paying the full filing fee today, edit to show other amount, or 0.0.  Click Next.

Step 15.   Click Next on the "Open New Bankruptcy Case" screen.

Step 16.   Confirm data on final docket text screen.  Submitting this screen commits the transaction.  You will have no further opportunity to modify the submission if you continue. Click Next.

Step 17.  Upload the List of Creditors. SeeUploading a Creditor List.

Step 18.  Run Judge/Trustee Assignment:  From the Bankruptcy menu, under Miscellaneous Items, select Judge/Trustee Assignment.  (Note: For Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 only).