Case Upload


Step 1.     Select Bankruptcy.

Step 2.     Select Case Upload*.

Step 3.     Browse, verify, and attach the Debtor Information under Case Information (.TXT file). Note:  The complete social security number must be included in the .TXT file.

Step 4.     Browse, verify, and attach the Petition ( PDF file).  Note:  The redacted social security number must appear on the PDF file.

Step 5.     Browse, verify, and attach the Creditor Matrix (.TXT file).  Note:  Ensure that the creditors display their mailing address.

Step 6.     Browse, verify, and attach the Chapter 13 Plan file ( PDF file) if filing a Chapter 13 case.

Step 7.     Browse, verify, and attach the Certificate of Credit Counseling file ( PDF file).   Click Next.

Step 8.     View Fee.  Click Next.

For technical questions regarding case upload, see our FAQ section.   *NOTE:  Case Upload is not available for Chapter 12 filings.  Please use the Bankruptcy >Open Voluntary BK Case event.