Adding a Creditor - Proof of Claim


If the party in which you are fling on behalf of does not appear in the "Select a Creditor" box under File Claims, please use the following steps to add/create the party.

Step 1.     Click the Add Creditor link on the "Select a Creditor for Claim" screen.

Step 2.     Enter the case number.  Click Next.   Note: Ensure that the correct case name and the number match the document you are filing.

Step 3.     Enter the name and address of the creditor being added.  

Step 4.     Select the creditor type.  

Step 5.     Select "Yes" or "No" to whether the creditor is on the creditor committee.  Click Next.

Step 6.     View Total Creditors Entered.  Click Submit.

Step 7.     Click File A Proof Of Claim or File SpeedClaim.