Technical Questions


1.     I keep getting an error message that reads "Document is not a well-formed PDF."  What does this mean?
         File size is too large.  ECF has a 10 MB limit per document.  If your file size exceeds 10 MB, you will need to divide your document into smaller PDF files. 
         Convert documents from Word or WordPerfect to PDF if at all possible.  If scanning, all PDF files should be scanned using black and white and 300 dpi.    

2.     What should I do if the document I am trying to file is not listed in the list of filing events?
It is important to use the correct event in ECF when filing a pleading as it allows ECF to then trigger the proper associated actions for the document that
         is being filed (producing notices, setting deadlines, etc.).  If you file a document under an incorrect event, it may result in you having to re-file the document(s). 
         The Search menu at the top right of the ECF screen is available to help find filing events.  When searching use key words such as "relief" or "financial
         management."  If you are unable to find the correct event for a pleading, please call the ECF Help Desk at (501) 918-5590 so we may assist you in choosing the
         appropriate event.

3.     What do I do if I file something incorrectly?
        If you have filed something incorrectly, please contact the ECF Help Desk at (501) 918-5590 so that we may assist you in determining the appropriate
        actions to correct the error.

4.     I am having problems with case upload, can you help with that?
        For information regarding manual case upload via the ECF, please visit the CM/ECF Case Resources page.  If using a "case upload" feature
        through a petition preparation software program (e.g. EZFile, Best Case, etc.), you will need to contact the software vendor's technical assistance providers.

5.     Why am I not receiving email notices from ECF?
        If you are not receiving email notices from ECF, please check to ensure your email address is correct on your ECF account by going to
        Utilities>Maintain User Account and clicking on the "Email Information" button on the bottom left of the screen.  If a correction needs to be made,
        please see instructions for updating your email address here.  In some instances, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have a spam blocker blocking
        ECF notices.  Contact your IT department or ISP to ensure that and  are not being blocked. 
        If neither of the above suggestions provide a solution, please contact the ECF Help Desk at (501) 918-5590.