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Congress has realigned the Eastern District of Arkansas into three new divisions

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

On November 26, 2019, the President signed the “Divisional Realignment for the Eastern District of Arkansas Act of 2019.”  The Act provides that it is effective on the date of enactment. 

Click on this link to view how The Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas will be divided.

Impact on Case Management and Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF)

  • All current case numbers will remain the same.
  • New cases will no longer be assigned to the former divisions that contained Batesville and Pine Bluff.
  • New case numbers will be sequential to the case numbers assigned in the divisions that contain Little Rock (Central), Helena (Delta) and Jonesboro (Northern).
  • All cases should reflect the new divisional names in the heading of all documents.

Impact on Trials and Court Hearings

  • All trials and hearings currently scheduled for Little Rock, Helena, and Jonesboro will remain in those locations.
  • Some rescheduling may be necessary – either on motion or by the Court sua sponte.

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