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Registry of State and Federal Addresses - Bankruptcy Rule 5003(e)

This registry is being maintained pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 5003(e) as of December 1, 2000. At this time, the addresses given below are the only ones that have requested inclusion on the registry.

Arkansas Department of Economic Development
Attn: Business Finance
P.O. Box 255
Little Rock, AR 72203
Arkansas Division of Workforce Services
Attn:  Legal Division
P.O. Box 8040
Little Rock, AR 72201
Added 5/18/2023
Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 5003(e)
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
2 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205
California Franchise Tax Board
Bankruptcy Section, MS: A-340
P.O. Box 2952
Sacramento, CA 95812-2952
Added 12/28/2011
For 11 U.S.C. Sec. 505(b) Requests and other services and notices.
California Franchise Tax Board
Chief Counsel
c/o General Counsel Section
P.O. Box 1720, MS: A-260
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-1720
Added 12/28/2011
Service of Adversary Proceedings
California State Board of Equalization
c/o Executive Director
450 N Street, MIC: 73
Sacramento, CA 95814-0073
Service of Adversary Proceedings
California State Board of Equalization
P.O. Box 942879
Sacramento, CA 94279-0074
Bankruptcy Code Sec 505 Requests and other services and notices
Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 7346
Philadelphia, PA 19101-7346
Added 6/29/2011

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Collections Bureau/Bankruptcy Unit
P.O. Box 7090
Boston, MA 02204-7090

Added 10/6/2021
Michigan Department of Treasury, Tax Policy Division
ATTN: Litigation Liaison
2nd Floor, Austin Building
430 West Allegan Street
Lansing, Michigan 48922
Added 2/13/2013
For 11 U.S.C Sec. 505(b) Requests
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Attn: Legal Department
P.O. Box 53039
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152-3039
Added 11/22/2011
Owned or operated business in State of Oklahoma, Determination of Unpaid Unemployment Tax Liability, Debts for Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits, and Rescinding Reaffirmation Agreements
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Executive Director
P.O. Box 52003
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2003
Added 11/22/2011
Service of Process for Pursuant to Rule 7004
Oklahoma Tax Commission
Office of the General Counsel
Bankruptcy Section
120 N. Robinson, Ste. 2000W
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Added 12/10/2013
For 11 U.S.C. Sec. 505(b) Requests

Social Security Administration
Office of the General Counsel
Office of Program Litigation
Attn: Bankruptcy
6401 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21235

Added 5/8/2015
Updated 1/18/2023
Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 5003(e)

U.S. Department of Labor
Office of the Solicitor
525 S. Griffin St., Ste. 501
Dallas, TX 75202
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Region 6
Office of Regional Counsel
1445 Ross Ave., Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75202
U.S. Small Business Administration
Arkansas District Office
2120 River Front Drive
Little Rock, AR 72202

Added 5/7/2021

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