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Street Address: 

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Divisional Office
35 E. Mountain Street, Room 316
Fayetteville, AR  72701
***Cash is not accepted in this office.  If you are mailing a payment, please use the Little Rock address.***

Courtroom located on the 4th floor.


Clerk's Staff

Name E-Mail Title Telephone
Bell, Allison Case Administrator (86-99)* 479-582-9816
McCormack, Linda

Clerk of Court 501-918-5509
Schacherbauer, Linda Data Quality Analyst 479-582-9818
Stanley, Lori Case Administrator (73-85)* 479-582-9814
Williams, Lisa Case Administrator (60-72)* 479-582-9819

Judge Bianca M. Rucker's Staff

Name E-Mail Title Telephone
Long, Tisha Staff Attorney 479-582-9808
Squires-Carter, Angie Courtroom Deputy 479-582-9810
Tucker, Mary Jo Judicial Assistant 479-582-9807

* The numbers in parentheses correspond to the last two digits of a case number and indicate the case administrator assigned to a case.  Please see both Little Rock and Fayetteville pages to review all digits.